Product Oveview
The objective of cheqd's product is to deliver digital trust in a more scalable and efficient way, with the unique addition of payment rails for Verifiable Credentials.
In its design choices, cheqd's product aims to increase efficiency, accessibility and interoperability in the way companies, individuals and self-sovereign identity (SSI) vendors interact with the cheqd network and other Layer 1 Utilities.
Through the cheqd network and cheqd SDK, we aim to provide our partners a more efficient alternative, with greater scalability, decentralisation and improved security than it's predecessors. By open sourcing our code, and building on industry-standard cryptography, we ensure that the network can be used by anyone within the SSI ecosystem and beyond. And through the use of modular drivers and extensions to other networks, cheqd delivers convenience and additional flexibility, making it suited to a cross-chain Web 3.0.


Before you dive into the cheqd product, if you are not familiar with self-sovereign identity and the function of the $CHEQ token, we suggest you first dive into our learning page:

Product Essentials

To learn about what we have built so far, and what our roadmap for the future is, cheq out our Product Roadmap and detailed technical changelog.

cheqd Product

If you want to dive deeper into the specific function and technical details of our product, head over to:
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