Product Overview

Everything you need to know about the cheqd product.

Dive straight in

One of the most important questions newcomers to the project, investors, and prospective partners ask is why cheqd?
This product site will answer this for you.
You'll find out we what offer in a few key pages across the site:
cheqd's identity product consists of an enterprise blockchain network and an integration toolkit to enable our partners to utilise the cheqd network's functionality.
The cheqd network is a Cosmos SDK-based blockchain that facilitates the exchange of trusted, verifiable data off-chain (Verifiable Credentials), using on-chain identifiers (Decentralised Identifiers 'DIDs') to authenticate the verifiable data.
This technology is called "Self-Sovereign Identity" and has since been labelled "Web5".

Learning the basics

Before you dive into the cheqd product, if you are not familiar with cheqd, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and the function of the $CHEQ token, we suggest you first cheq out our learning page:

Roadmap and development

We are constantly developing our product in different ways - we have broken down our 2022 Roadmap into three digestible sections.
This work goes beyond purely identity - as we also want to make it easy for non-identity companies, consortiums and consultancies to begin using the cheqd product and network.
If you want to explore what we have already released in our latest software upgrades, have a look at our changelogs:


Building cheqd's product and network in line with formal technical standards is vital to ensure interoperability and to avoid vendor-lock-in. As such, we believe it is important to transparently lay out the technical standards and components of our network, token and identity functionality.
We have also Open Sourced all our Product work, so our partners and community can test, remix and extend the work in their own environments.


For any help using the cheqd network or product, or for bugs/issues that arise, please get in contact using our community support page:
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