cheqd Network


The cheqd network is a highly scalable, enterprise-ready blockchain for identity interactions. Using the native CHEQ token, cheqd network is creating new commercial models for identity writes and trusted interactions.
Due to the broad nature of blockchain technology, cheqd Network caters to different roles and audiences for different capabilities:
General user
I want to hold and stake CHEQ tokens, join the community and participate in network governance
General technical user
I want to write content or resources to the cheqd network
I want to understand how CHEQs short and long term tokenomics affect me
cheqd partner or developer
I want to setup a node on the cheqd Network

General network resources

cheqd Network technical resources

CHEQ token and tokenomics resources

Integrating with cheqd: cheqd Toolbox

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    Contact product team on

Exploratory integration and inbounds

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    Reach out to cheqd's Head of Partnershops, Tobias Halloran - [email protected]