A high-level overview of our Product Roadmap for 2022. This will be continually fleshed out
Our focus is to expand the utility of the cheqd network for decentralised identity use cases. This is our core mission and vision and - the reason why - we have such a broad interest within the self-sovereign identity (SSI) vendor ecosystem.
We want to get to a point, quickly, where we can provide compelling answers to “What identity capabilities does cheqd network provide, and how do I build it into my apps as an app developer / software vendor?”
Equally important as a focus area is deeper integrations with the Cosmos and wider Web 3.0 ecosystem. Digital identity is a burning need across DeFi, CeDeFi, and “traditional” Web 2.0 apps that cuts across as a “horizontal”, as well as being extremely important in “verticals” such as NFTs and online/offline reputation.
To explore our initial roadmap from the beginning of 2022, please read our blog here.

Deep-dive by product topics

We have broken our roadmap down into three sections:
We would love your feedback on our product vision for 2022. We welcome engagement and feedback across a range of different forums, such as our Community Slack, Governance forum, and Telegram Group.
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